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Hey! I’m Maudie and I would love to help you boost your online earnings by providing expert affiliate marketing strategies. I’ll help you discover the best affiliate programs, cutting-edge techniques, and proven tips to maximize your commissions. Start learning today how to get ahead in the competitive digital landscape and unlock your passive income potential.

You are probably wondering who I am and why you should trust me to help you wade into the world of affiliate marketing.

Let me share my story …


Shortly after we married, my husband joined the Navy as a Nuclear Propulsion Officer. This program has a two-year training cycle. We moved five times during this period, staying for only 3-6 months in each place. I needed to work, but found it challenging to find a position since I would only be in each location for a short time. I signed on with a nationally known temporary employment agency and gained senior status. This meant that my next position was secured for me before we got to our next post. The confidence and experience I gained during these years has proven invaluable in many aspects of my life.

When our children were five and two, my husband and I made the decision to leave the Navy. Family is important to us and there were too many long deployments looming in our future. I applaud those military families who have made this hard choice. Thank you for your service!  We packed our bags and moved back to our beloved Kentucky.

After both children were in school, I went back to school myself and got my Real Estate license. This was the perfect career for me. I was an extremely successful Realtor for almost twenty years and loved every minute of it. This job allowed me to be both an independent contractor and an involved mother.

In 2015 I put my license in Escrow and began a journey of several years being the primary caregiver for each of my parents. First my mother, and quickly thereafter, my father. During these difficult years (no regrets!) I acquired my most beloved title ever – enthusiastic Nana to three little boys.

There were a lot of changes in my life after those care giving years and I made the decision to leave my license in Escrow. My husband retired, we built a new house, started traveling more and I took a very active, hands on role in grand parenting. Life is good. But …. I miss working.


I am extremely fortunate and do not NEED to work. However, I love a challenge and I will admit – I miss having my own money to play with!

I tried two different Multi-Level Marketing Companies, but quickly tired of preying on my friends and family. Also, something felt “off” to me about the whole concept. After many months of research, I kept coming back to Affiliate Marketing. Everything about it sounded perfect but I had one reservation. In terms of computer and social media skills, I am a dinosaur! I’m 64. The most challenging aspect of my Real Estate career was keeping up with technology. I was determined and hung on for dear life though. I knew I would have challenges getting set up in Affiliate Marketing. I had never created a website from scratch, written engaging content, created follow-up systems, etc. If you are at all skeptical about this program, I am living proof that ANYONE can do it. The learning curve was steep for me but I am a determined old lady and I’m here to stay! I’m proud of my incredible progress and I am so thankful for the world that Wealthy Affiliate has opened up to me.


Wealthy Affiliate has worked directly with 100,000’s of aspiring marketers like myself. They have helped so many people achieve 7-figure income success online. They work with budding entrepreneurs and help them get over the initial hurdles of starting an online business.

The aspect of this program that got me to finally push the button and get started, is their transparency. I’ll be honest. This is the second affiliate marketing program I tried. I joined another company that touted a $7 program that would have me earning money in fifteen days. I enthusiastically jumped in and on day five or six, discovered it would take a minimum of $2,500 to continue and be successful. Not so with Wealthy Affiliate. Their starter program is FREE, Premium $49/month, Premium + $99/month. That’s it. As I moved forward through the training, I kept expecting that unwelcome surprise but it never happened. This is really it.

I would truly love to help you become part this fast growing family at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you enjoy my content at AffiliateMarketingMaudie.SiteRubix.com.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to connect with you.

All the best,



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